DVM Activities

Type 1 Activities

These require 1 of our staff to explain the activity, and 2 adult supervisors from the group per every 20 students.

  • 9 Square In The Air Students participate in this fun and action packed game, which is one of the most fun games around. It is like a combination of 4 square and 9 way volleyball game!

  • Sledding**sledding Students sled down our incredible sledding hill. This activity depends on weather. Students must have winter clothing and bringing sleds is encouraged.

  • Frisbee Golf also known as disc golf, this activity combines the fun of frisbees and the enjoyment of golf into one activity

  • Beach Volleyball students can enjoy this fun game on our great sand field specifically maintained for this purpose.

  • Horseshoes students participate in this fun game to see who is horseshoe king!

  • Scavenger Hunt students are given a list of items to find, and are encouraged to engage in nature in a creative and challenging way.

  • GaGa Ball

Type 2 Educational Activities

These require 1 of our staff and 2 adult supervisors from the group per every 20 students.

  • Orienteering students learn how to find their way around unfamiliar territory using a basic map

  • Survival Skills students learn about basic survival in Canada

  • Team Building Activities students work together to reach their goal in each exercise, which helps to establish teamwork

  • Nature Hike students get to go on a hike on one of our many pristine trails, enjoying a guided trip to avoid getting lost.

  • Quinzee Building** students will get to build a snow house. This event is weather dependent.

  • Rocketry ($10 per person extra fee, this activity takes the place of two other activities- 2 hours) students will build and get to launch their own solid fuel rockets.

  • Astronomy Night Time Hike (This requires students to pre-load apps onto their phones before coming on site) students get to go on a guided hike at night at camp. We will travel far from lights to give them a chance to explore the night sky.

  • Grade Appropriate Educational Programming students will learn course work appropriate to their grade level, in line with the Alberta program of studies. Trees and forests, Water systems, and other units are taken directly from the Alberta Program of Studies.

Type 3 Activities

These require 1 of our staff and 2 adult supervisors from the group per every 20 students.

  • Archery students will get to participate in our archery program. We are certified with National Archery in the Schools, a joint venture between the Alberta Teachers Association and the Alberta Hunters Education Association.

  • Slip And Slide students will get to slide down a very big slip and slide. Watery fun! Swim suits and towels are a must!

  • Giant Indoor Human Foosball students get to participate in a fun game, on a life-sized foosball table!

  • Group (wide) Games students will participate in one of many great games involving running and competitive team dynamics.

  • Fireside And Bannock Bread students will get to cook and eat a traditional First Nations treat.

Type 4 Activities

These require 2-3 of our staff and 2 adult supervisors from the group per every 20 students.

  • Climbing Wall students will get to climb several routes up our great indoor climbing walls.

  • Zipline students will zip across a narrow valley, challenging them to overcome their fears.

  • Canoe Rentals (THIS RENTAL TAKES THE PLACE OF 2 ACTIVITIES- 2 HOURS) students will canoe down the river to Content Bridge, where our staff will be waiting to bring them back to camp. This is rental for the canoes, paddles, emergency equipment, and personal flotation devices only; we do not currently offer instruction.

**WINTER ONLY- Requires students to bring weather appropriate clothing, and for sledding, bring some sleds.